Required Repertoire

One of the required pieces offered at the final round must be one of the following works by composer, Wynn-Anne Rossi

(available at



A.   “Three Waltzes: A, C, F” from Intuitive Journeys (FJH Music)

B.   “Sonata in Mixed Meters: 3 movements” from Intuitive Journeys (FJH Music)

C.   Three pieces of your choice from Musica Latina, Book 4 (Alfred Music)


High School:

A.  Any piece from Musica Latina, Book 4 (Alfred Music)

B.  "Lilac" from Intuitive Journeys (FJH Music)

C.  Any movement from Along the Mississippi (Alfred Music)


The other piece(s) must represent one of the following four categories-

Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary-

and fit within the time constraints of the competition. 

Only original compositions from a standard piano solo repertoire

may be performed in any round of the competition.

Simplified versions are unacceptable.





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